Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning Services

Montreal Pro Cleaning can use cleaning methods with appropriate ingredients and friendly chemicals to preserve at maximum degree the human health and environment.

This method of cleaning is refer to us as a Green/Eco cleaning by which we avoid mixing of various chemicals which may result in formation of new compounds , which are very often volatile and can cause respiratory and skin irritation problems along with many other side effects. Using of Green cleaning will not only benefit you, your kids and pets, but also will help preserving of environment, since the bio product used require much less oxygen for reaction to take place, the waste water will be with much favourable parameters for treatment and fabrication and packing process of these products is environmental friendly.

The most often asked question from our customers is, if it is a more expensive to use Green Cleaning instead of regular one.

At Montreal Pro Cleaning Inc. we do Care about the environment, we do not charge any additional price for the green cleaning. Our hourly rate is exactly the same. However there may be an additional time required to obtain good results. But with new technologies and high effective eco friendly cleaning products this time increase is not significant, compare with the great benefit for all of us – preserving our selves and environment.

Green cleaning is an appropriate method of cleaning for residential and commercial as well.

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