Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are your prices affordable? – Yes we have the lowest prices on the market. Just call us today 514 660 28 00, and you will be surprised how cheap is to have a clean home or office. In fact you can pay as less as 13.95 per hour.

If i choose to use your regular cleaning service, may I expect that the same cleaner will come to do the job every time? – Yes this is a standard practice; the only exception is if the cleaner is absent due to illness or vacation.

If I choose to use your regular service may I terminate it at any time, and is there any penalties or hidden charges? – You can terminate our service at any time. There is no a hidden charges or penalties. – no contracts.

Do you supervise the cleaners on the job? – Yes we do. Further our supervisor will stay in close touch with you to make sure that the job is done to your satisfaction.

Are Montreal Pro Cleaning is insured? – Yes our company is insured, we do care about your home and business.

Why to use your company instead of some of independent cleaners? – Just few if any of independent cleaners have an insurance , this is something very important in view of best protection of your property, further independent cleaners are here today , but what about tomorrow , our company was here yesterday , is here today and will be here tomorrow. We are bonded. For more details please refer to why Montreal Pro Cleaning Inc. Or call us at 514 660 28 00.

Something was done not according to my expectations.– This happens quite seldom. But it comes with the job. Just call as within 36 hours, the job was done and the cleaning team will return to redo it, certainly at no extra charge.

My husband and I we are very busy and nobody is at home when the cleaning job is performed. – To us there is no difference whether you are at home or not. We take our job very seriously and everything will be done accordingly. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

May I live you a key from my home? -Yes you can. This is an also a standard procedure, since most of our customers a busy people.

But how I can live the key from my home to complete stranger? – We are not complete strangers, we are well renowned company which stays behind our people, and you can always reach us on our contact information.

Further your home key will be kept in bank safe; it will be given to the cleaner on the day of cleaning and will be returned when the job is done. Special form is completed.

For free cleaning estimate call us today 514-660-2800 and enjoy your day!

Free Estimate

Get a free cleaning estimate for your residential or commercial needs in Montreal and the area ,or if you just want to receive some more information regarding our company services call us today 514-660-2800!

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