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BrestCancerLogoWe are a local cleaning company in business since 2009. We are making a difference by supporting women undergoing cancer treatment. We are not only hard working, we are devoted. We want to give back and support women in their community

“We never knew there was help for people with cancer, that is why we were more than happy to help,” says owner, Stephanie Pierre. Montreal Pro Cleaning has agreed to provide free cleanings for two women at a time, once per month for three consecutive months. This service will help reduce the financial stress many women and families face during this hard time.

Montreal Pro Cleaning extended their hand by being in partnership with Cleaning For A Reason back in January 2009 a non profit international organization that was established to assist women battling cancer.
(If you wish to receive cleaning services fill the application below. Also we would need proof that you are receiving treatments as a cancer patient.)

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Phone: 514-660-2800